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“It's commonplace in American society and American law for people who took one view of some legal principle to all of a sudden take the opposite view of it, because one side or the other would be helped by it. And Floyd doesn't do that.”
— Adam Liptak, Supreme Court Reporter, New York Times
“There are a number of cases in which we are making arguments in court that Floyd has made 20 years ago or 30 years ago. Few people have done as much to shape the First Amendment as it exists today.”
— Jameel Jaffer, Executive Director, Knight First Amendment Institute
“People who do journalism for a living have been very lucky to have Floyd Abrams on our side for generations.”
— Nina Totenberg, Legal Affairs Correspondent, NPR
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FLOYD ABRAMS: SPEAKING FREELY is a biopic of the First Amendment as told through the story of one of its greatest legal advocates.

The film traces the path of this law from its early precedents in the 1960s to today, as pressing concerns around free speech have the nation questioning anew: what price are we willing to pay for free speech?


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Featuring FLOYD ABRAMS / Floyd's son, entrepreneur, and TV host DAN ABRAMS / Floyd's daughter, federal judge RONNIE ABRAMS / PRESIDENT OF COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY (2002-2023) AND SETH LOW PROFESSOR OF THE UNIVERSITY LEE C. BOLLINGER / ACLU Staff Attorney VERA EIDELMAN / Tech Reporter at The New York Times KASHMIR HILL / Executive Director of the Knight First Amendment Institute at Columbia University JAMEEL JAFFER / Supreme Court Reporter for The New York Times ADAM LIPTAK / Chief Legal Correspondent for MSNBC and host of The Beat with Ari Melber ARI MELBER / D.C. Congresswoman ELEANOR HOLMES NORTON / Former Solicitor General THeodore B. OLSON / Law professor and Strict Scrutiny Podcast Host KATE SHAW / ACLU Senior Staff Attorney EMERSON SYKES / Co-Founder of Clearview AI HOAN TON-THAT / Legal Affairs Correspondent for National Public Radio NINA TOTENBERG

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FLOYD ABRAMS: SPEAKING FREELY premiered on PBS’s American Masters on September 22, 2023. It is now available for non-theatrical and educational distribution through Roco Films.

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